Healthy Lifestyle: The Need Of The Hour

Living a healthy lifestyle keeps you active, prevents illness, and keeps you fit. Life is very unpredictable and with low on minerals water, polluted air, and heavily chemicalised food we are prone to serious diseases. In circumstances like these healthy lifestyles are the need of the hour, but being healthy is not just about preventing disease, it’s about being able to keep a positive attitude and a strong mental health. Based on your ability to adapt to different yoga postures, you have to pick the posture. The instructor has a big role to play in yoga as they are the ones who have to suggest you for the practice.

Benefits to our body:

It keeps our body healthy, fit and flexible it increases our energy to daily chaos. Yoga helps improve inner strength, balance. Yoga helps to cure diseases any kind of Fracture in bones, physical pain in bones or muscles. It keeps our body parts like heart, lungs, kidney etc. strong and improves their functioning. If done regularly it helps cure insomnia which is lack of sleep it provides us with sound sleep and proper bowel movement. Yoga has benefits to pregnant women it helps prevent hair loss, it can cure menstrual cycle of women through asanas , deep breathing and balanced diet . In some cases it also provides positive results in cancer and other major diseases. The most interesting thing about yoga is it brings us back in the lap of nature it helps us to introspect ourselves and know ourselves better from within.

 How can one follow a healthy lifestyle?

Yoga and its benefit

Many factors affect our lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle to a healthy one includes slight changes in life like daily habits and routine. These changes are made in:-

  • Eating- healthy food helps you feel energetic and allows your body to function pre-eminently. If you’re eating unhealthily, you might feel slothful, but eating a balanced, healthy diet will make you feel energetic all day long
  • Cooking your meals- By preparing your meals you can access what’s going inside, you can regulate the number of nutrients and fats going in. This allows you to make the right health decisions for your body.

With so much negativity all around us it won’t be wrong to say that a healthy lifestyle is the need of the hour, and a healthy attitude is important. Putting a big smile on your face when life throws you a curve ball is the way to a healthy lifestyle.